Welcome to Free Spirit Sanctuary

Welcome to Free Spirit Sanctuary

Free Spirit Sanctuary provides a lifelong home to domestic and wild horses, donkeys and mules rescued from abuse, neglect or slaughter. The animals live in a natural herd setting on our home property of 40 acres and an 80 acre leased property just down the road. The sanctuary provides a safe, peaceful environment that facilitates healing and the development of trust. The horses are free to simply be horses and are encouraged to have an opinion on things and make choices for themselves whenever possible. This helps awaken their spirits and bring out their individual personalities, both of which are often quite shut down when they first arrive. There is nothing more wonderful than seeing a previously fearful or dissociated horse start to reclaim their sense of self, their confidence and their ability to enjoy life. I am particularly fascinated with discovering who horses truly are when they are free to be horses. I see myself as a lifelong apprentice of the FSS herd, who guide me on ventures into the world of the horse. 

Free Spirit Sanctuary is also home to 2 cows, a steer and 4 chickens. Our core philosophy centres on the belief that animals are sentient beings and thereby deserving of compassion and respect. We ultimately envision a world where all sentient beings have the freedom to live according to their true nature in pursuit of their own precious needs. Through this site, I hope to increase awareness about the sentience, intelligence and emotional lives of animals; encourage deepening connection with Nature and our animal kin; and provide ideas and inspiration for compassionate living and making this a better world for the animals.

With six wildies in our herd, FSS actively advocates for protection of the Alberta Wild Horses and their right to remain wild and free on the eastern slopes.

Free Spirit Sanctuary, which was started in 2007, is a registered non-profit in the province of Alberta. We are located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, 30 km NW of Cochrane.

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