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10×30 Nature Challenge










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Do you spend too much time indoors in front of a screen?
Are you worn out from a hectic lifestyle with too little self care?
Feel Healthier, Happier & Less Stressed by Spending 10 min daily in Nature
Join Us for an Inspiring & Restorative Month of Reconnecting with Nature
March 1st-30th, 2017
(Proceeds go toward our last load of winter hay)

Even if you live in the city, Nature is nearby waiting to connect with you

The Animals of FSS and I would like to help you
Nurture a Nature Habit

March is a great time to start! After months of winter we begin to see
the first signs of spring, the return of robins and new beginnings!

Establishing a new habit takes time and can be difficult to do
So, we are offering a 3 stage program to help you

March 1st-30th → 10×30 Nature Challenge
• 10 min in Nature for 30 days

April 1st-30th → 20×30 Nature Challenge
• 20 min in Nature for 30 days

May 1st-30th → 30×30 Nature Challenge
• 30 min in Nature for 30 days

The idea is based on David Suzuki’s 30×30 Nature Challenge
We want to help you be successful by offering an enhanced program:
1) Spend a small amount of time daily in Nature and then gradually increase that time
2) Notice 3 things that you find beautiful, inspiring or intriguing
3) Share your photos, observations, discoveries in a Special FB Group
4) Receive Inspirational Messages from the Animals of Free Spirit Sanctuary

Each month, as your time in Nature increase, we will introduce new ideas and activities
to help you develop a Healthy Daily Nature Habit!

Registration Fee for the 10×30 Nature Challenge: $30
Please include your fb name in the “Order Notes” so that we can add you to the secret FB group

Check out this link to learn more about the benefits of regular time in Nature:



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