In Memory of Mama Cow

In Memory of Mama Cow

Our precious Mama Cow, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge today, August 27, is our special FSS Ambassador of the month for September. She was 26 years old and came to FSS 6 years ago with 3 week old Molly at her side. Mama was such a beautiful, gentle soul and wise elder cow. Her mobility had increasingly become an issue and she was more frequently needing help up with the tractor. I let her have free access to the yard for the past few days so she could graze on the nice green grass in the sun. The top photo was taken yesterday afternoon, which was fortunately a lovely sunny day. This morning her oats from last night were still there, so I knew it was time for her to be freed from her old and arthritic body. 

Mama Cow let me know that she is at peace now through the most beautiful double rainbow this evening. After raining all evening the sky got brighter and turned yellowish. When I went outside and discovered this wonderful gift from Mama my heart burst with joy and gratitude and I just started sobbing.

Mama was buried in the forest where she lived. I picked some flowers for her and included the raven feather that was left on her straw bed last night. The ravens often came to share her breakfast oats with her, so I think they wanted to say thank you and send her blessings.

Mama Cow, I am so grateful to have had you in my life for the last 6 years. Bless you and may you run free now in endless fields of lush green grass and wild flowers ❤️

I will be sharing Mama Cow's story and more photos throughout the month of September.

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