Fall Tadpoles

What a wonderful surprise I discovered in the boggy area where the cows are this afternoon! I've been spending a lot of time in front of the computer working on this website, so I decided to throw the macro lens on my camera and head out for some exploring. As I approached the pond I saw a flurry of activity, which upon closer inspection was tadpoles transitioning into froglets. I was very surprised by this, considering they are usually at this stage in late July. It is very rare to actually see froglets and even more so in September!  They just somehow seem to make their transition from pond to land without being detected. I had the wonderful opportunity in July of 2013 to witness and photograph the process. Last summer and the first half of this summer we were in drought conditions, which significantly impacted things on the tadpole scene. Once it started raining mid-summer this year the boreal chorus frogs gathered from far and wide at both little ponds, filling the night air with their lovely frog song. They apparently figured it was better late than never to try and make some babies. It's very late in the season for these little ones, so I hope we have a nice fall to give them a chance to mature into little frogs before freezing temperatures settle in. 

I find these teeny tiny tailed hoppers absolutely fascinating! I could honestly spend all day out at the bog on my hands and knees watching them and taking photos. I have a few shots here and will get the video footage I took up shortly. There will be more to come as they start emerging from the water onto land and resorbing their tails, so check back to see more. This whole process lasts only a matter of days and then they disappear into the woods.

Click on a photo for a slideshow with captions.


  1. I love them!!!! Also, the moss they are on is a beautiful vibrant green, love it too!!! Nature is just perfect <3 Thank you for this great moment captured on film!!! 😀

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